The next morning some of the gang decided to go kayaking.
A beautiful body of water to start out in.
Dan, Jesse and Peggy getting their gear on.
Peggy is one of the first to be launched.  Leslye is in foreground Kayak taking pictures.
April and Candace decide on the  two person model.
Jesse looks right at home.
Dan's an old pro.
The group coming back in.  Now it looks like a pretty busy waterway.
The pelican greeting party.
The guide making sure April, Candace and Peggy enjoyed themselves.
In the meantime some of us went across the street to visit the Charleston Museum.  This is Cracch sitting outside on a model of the world's first successful submarine - The USS Hunley.
​A shot of the USS Hunley from the rear looking forward towards the bow.
​The Colonial Period of Charleston fronted by architecture of that time. 
You could try on some of the colonial clothing as shown by Cracch.
​Robert, Mike and Cracch watching a film on colonial Charleston.
Tony, Mike and Cracch looking at one of the prehistoric exhibits.