You tried to save your buddies
As best as you could
You did the best
With what you had
And cursed the heavens
When it wasn't enough
Because in your arms
They died anyway
You cried inside
At the loss of a friend
But you had to move on

Next guy was lucky
Or so you thought
You patched him up
And sent him off
But sometimes never knew
If he really made it
A buddy saved 
But lost all the same

A lot of men died 
But you survived
Or so they said
When you came back
But you'll never forget
The ones you lost
Or left behind
They are there
Upon the wall
Their bodies long buried
But their souls still roam

In your heart 
You still mourn
Your heart still aches 
For those long lost friends
But you suffer still
From a greater loss
For you now search
For that part of you
That also died
IN VIETNAM . . .IN Vietnam . . .in vietnam

By:  Doc Larry Stanberry, Chaplain
The National Association of Medics and Corpsmen (NAMC)