The next morning we went on carriage rides in downtown Charleston.
The backs of Frank, Jim, April and Joe as we start our ride on a beautiful morning.
It appears to be classic New Orleans architecture but our guide told us that all of the architecture in New Orleans was copied from Charleston. 
Jesse, Claire, Janelle and Tony enjoy the comforts of the rear seat.
A few of the beautiful residential areas in downtown Charleston
The Trading Market just across from the carriage rides.  The market goes on for about fifteen  blockks.  Lots of beautiful hand made items.
At the end of each tour the horses are taken directly to the water buckets after the passengers disembark.
Evening dinner (L-R)  Candace, Frank, Peggy, Cracch, Janelle, Tony, Joe, April, Lesye and Dan.
Janelle, Tony, Joe and April enjoying themselves.
L-R Roger, Jenny, Ava, Claire, Jesse, and Mike trying to decide on what to order.
Bill, Jim, Christine, Jenny, Ava's arm, Jesse and Mike still deciding.
Is Cracch crazy or what?  Well, we all know that answer.
Cracch had a extra hat.  Dan sported it and now looks like some Brit in an English pub.
Robert looks good in that jacket.  I don't know about Bill.
A "Missing Man" dinner placement in honor of our brother HM2 Jim Wido.  We lost Jim and his wife, Mary, in 2013.  Their son, Robert has honored us by attending the reunion.  The card over the Flag reads "HM2 Jim Wido, Mike Company 3/26".  The opposite side of the card reads "Vietnam 1968 - 69". 

Jim, Christine, their daughter Jenny and and grandaughter Ava 
L-R Peggy, Cracch, Janelle, Tony, Joe, April and Leslye.
Here's Tony after Bill presented and pinned the medal on his shirt.
Tony then stood wearing his award, explaining how hard it was to have earned it.
​The next thing you know; all of these women are swooning over Tony and his Medal.
A few years ago, at a reunion in North Dakota, the 3/26 corpsmen were attending a Pow Wow in Porcupine, ND. It was a show involving Native Indian dances  Tony being the host since the reunion was in North Dakota was the contact person when we arrived at the pow wow as a group.  He (Tony) gave the MC a brief history on us as a group. The MC jotted down some notes and apparently got everything confused when making the announcement…You had to be there to not be surprised. The poor guy struggled all evening keeping things straight. I don’t know where in the hell he got the 23 years from but he clearly said Tony spent 23 years in Vietnam…We were all trying to hold it in (laughing) when he said that.
This year Cracch purchased a big gaudy medal with the word "COURAGE" embedded on it and brought it to the reunion. He asked Bill if he would present it to Tony and pin it on him.

Thanks Bill for all of the details.