Bill Smith, Mike Cracchiolo, and Bill Vurnakes - May 69
Jim Wido - Afloat on USS Valley Forge - May 69
Shaving Cream Fight!!  Mike Cracchiolo 
George Smith - Shaving Cream Opponent!
Tom Brennan with his usual "gung ho!" look - USS Valley Forge - May 69 
USS Valley Forge flight deck.  Commissioned at end of WWII as attack carrier (CVA).  Used as Landing Platform Helicopter (LPH) in Vietnam.  
Getting resupplied - May 69
Joe Hancock, Mike Cracchiolo, Jim Vanden-Bosch at Fleet Logistics Command (FLC).   Located outside of DaNang - July - 69
Dr. Martinez, Dr. Ballinger, Chief Donnley - May 69 
Tom Brennan - USS Valley Forge - May 69
Rocky and Tony Johannesen - May 69
Sick Call on USS Valley Forge.  Rocky giving shot in butt to marine, George Smith and Tony Johannesen (head turned).
Dr. Ballenger - May 69
Mike Smith (back to camera), unknown marine, and Joe Hancock  on USS Valley Forge. 
Jim McBroome - India Company's Gunney Sergeant
A close close up of Tony Johannesen - May 69
"Sick Call" - Who's next?  I'll be right with you.
Harold Peters watching flamethrower clear away brush. 

 A 60 mm. mortar waiting to be manned.